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Device Cloud Federation

When IoT and edge hardware is already connected to a Device Cloud (AWS, Azure, LoRa WAN platform, etc) and you wish to connect this device data to your Exosite Application (i.e. ExoSense), Exosite provides a Cloud Federation API to support integrations.

These cloud integrated IoT Connectors can be managed and connected to applications the same ways as standard IoT Connectors. The IoT Connector will represent each 'device' with it's own identity in the connector.

Device Cloud Federated IoT Connector


Exosite currently supports the following Cloud Federation protocols


CloudEvents is a specification around standardizing events in a common format to improve operability between platforms. Exosite has adopted this format to provide a standard approach to federating with other device cloud platforms that generate IoT data events.

Developer information for creating and using a CloudEvents Federation IoT Connector can be found here:

Exosite Cloud Federation API - CloudEvents Protocol

The Things Network

The Things Network provides a LoRaWAN® platform for connecting and managing LoRa devices. The platform allows setting up a Webhook application to forward events to. Exosite has a Cloud Federation API protocol to allow integration with your The Things Network application, allow LoRa device data to be used in applications like ExoSense.


For device cloud platforms that do not support one of the current Cloud Federation protocols, it is recommended to review the ability to configure those platforms to send data in the CloudEvent format, or build an layer of software to convert your device data events into the supported format. Exosite can provided examples for using services in Azure and AWS Lambda as examples. Please contact Exosite's support for more information about the platform you wish to federate.