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IoT Device Connectivity

IoT Connector Overview

The Exosite Murano platform's IoT Connectors provide a salable cloud gateway for interfacing with Internet of Things (IoT) Devices. Exosite's IoT Connectors provide the following functionality:

IoT Device Identity Management

Uniquely managed identities for authentication, data event tracking, claim of ownership, control, and in-field software updates

Device Authentication

Supports provisioning and authentication for Token, TLS Client certificates, and Passwords. For TLS Client Certificates, support for self-signed, CA verification, and PKI.

Device Protocol Device APIs

Exosite's secure device API protocols scale to support millions of connected unique devices and data events.

Use the device API protocols along with the ExoSense data scheme HTTP Device API, MQTT Device API, Cloud-to-Cloud

IoT Data

Data events generated by IoT Connectors can immediately be used with the ExoSense application directly, can be consumed by custom Murano platform applications, external platforms (see EveryCloud), and custom data event handlers can be put into place.

Building custom Murano platform applications, use with external platforms, and custom data event handlers are Advanced topics (Advanced Accounts).

Firmware and Content Storage

IoT Connector content storage is accessible for both upload and download of files. Typically used for infield software updates (OTA), high resolution data files, media upload, and log files

Off-the-Shelf Hardware

Many common IoT Edge devices have already been interfaced to Exosite. These products either support Exosite's Device Protocol APIs directly, have instructions for how to set up communication with Exosite, have a Cloud to Cloud connector available, or Exosite has worked with the partner to provide a custom protocol handler as a part of the IoT Connector.

These can be found and used from Exosite's IoT Marketplace and immediately be configured and used with ExoSense. Purchase hardware, configure the connector, register your devices, and begin using with applications.

Available Connectors and Pre-integrations

Please check out the Hardware Integrations section of the documentation for more details of specific hardware.

Interface Custom Hardware

For organizations that want to provide a full connected solution using their hardware products, build their own fleet of industrial edge devices, or simply want to publish a connector for others to leverage their hardware products with - Exosite's IoT Connectors are flexible and easy to get started with.

Direct Connectivity

The best integration for scale, ease of use, and security use Exosite's direct device APIs along with the ExoSense data schema. Device APIs use standard protocols and can be integrated against quickly.

Device Cloud Integrations

Devices that are already talking to another device cloud such as AWS, Azure IoT, or any cloud device service can be integrated into an IoT Connector. Templates are available for a number of common platforms.

Device OEMs EveryCloud™️ Publishing

Exosite's EveryCloud™️ IoT Connectors use Exosite's Product-as-a-Service \(PDaaS\) technology to provide Device OEMs a centralized device management, device cloud, and registration portal that include:

  • An OEM Branded Device Registration Portal
  • Support for creating Claim codes / QR Codes for user self device registration for cloud access
  • A publishable HTTP API for building custom applications and integrations \(PDaaS\)