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Device API Libraries / Reference

The following SDKs, libraries, and references are provided as a starting point to get your embedded devices or linux based industrial computers connected as an Exosite IoT Connector.

Exosite provides these to help achieve connectivity faster, please contact support if you need help or required advanced support.


As with all device development, operating systems, tools, compilers, libraries, and hardware versions can all cause development hurdles. Some libraries and reference below may become outdated in terms of terminology or hardware / software versions. If you have issues using any of these starter software points, please contact us.

Device Simulation

Looking to quickly creating simulated data? Check out the ExoSense Device Simulator.

Full Clients

ExoEdge ExoSense Python Client

ExoEdge is a Python client for Linux Computers with a rich set of protocol sources, built as a companion for ExoSense. ExoEdge and select edge protocol sources are maintained on PyPi. Other sources are available by contacting our support team.

ExoEdge Documentation

Murano Client

Murano Device Client is a python client library for communicating with the Exosite Murano Platform.

Libraries & Examples

SDK / Library / Reference Device Protocol Description
MQTT spy Quickstart MQTT No programming needed, uses a downloadable application
Python MQTT with Paho library MQTT Tutorial that walks through using the Paho MQTT library on your computer.
Cypress WICED SDK with mqtt MQTT Reference and tutorial for connecting the WICED Development Kit to Exosite
TI CC3220SF MQTT MQTT Reference code and tutorial for the TI CC3220SF SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® and IoT MCU Solution \(Contact Support for more information\)
Arduino Exosite Library HTTP Generic Arduino library for communicating with the Exosite Device API.
Device Python Simulator HTTP Generic Exosite Device API Python script to act as a device.