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IoT Marketplace

Exchange is a marketplace of ready to go applications and supporting software services for deploying IoT solutions. Organizations can get up and running with a proof of concept in a matter of minutes and continue to add additional support and features as they work to get to market with a production product.

Exchange consists of a filterable set of elements published by Exosite, partners, and third-parties.


Exosite's Off-the-Shelf IoT application solutions can be deployed directly from Exchange, including use case reference templates that include simulated data and pre-canned setup.


Exosite's Industrial IoT solution for condition monitoring, remote monitoring, mobile assets, and commercial asset applications. Exchange includes ExoSense Templates with pre-canned setup and simulations to be used as a starting point

ExoSense Getting Started


Exosite's Home Automation vertical solution for OEMs.

IoT Connectors

The IoT Connectors contain off the shelf published services for third-party hardware and templates to connect your own devices. These can be added to your ExoSense solution to support that third-party hardware or your own products generating data.

Device Connecitivty

Published IoT Connectors Services

Third-party hardware vendor published IoT Connectors. These IoT Connectors can be immediately used in ExoSense and/or as a Cloud API to build custom applications using the device generated data. Check out more information about Exosite's Product as a Service capabilities.

IoT Connector Templates

Build and manage your own connectivity layer on Exosite's IoT Platform.

Cloud to Cloud IoT Connector Templates

Templates for connecting with existing device clouds such as AWS IoT, Azure IoT Hub, or OEM specific device cloud offerings.

ExoSense Insights

The published Insight services are available to use with your ExoSense solutions. Insights provide an interface for organizations to digitize their system knowledge into stream analytics, transformations, and rules that plug-in to ExoSense.


Advanced Murano Platform Services

For advanced accounts, services to be used for building custom applications and solutions can be found here.