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Publishing to Exchange

Businesses with higher tier accounts can publish new elements to the Exchange marketplace privately and publicly. These elements can be used by that business (privately) and by other accounts (publicly).

Use Cases

Value Added Resellers

Create ExoSense templates for starting points for new deployments, publish IoT Connectors and Insights for faster deployment, setup, and marketing purposes.

Device OEM Publisher

Companies can publish IoT Connectors with Product as a Service capabilities which allows anyone in the world to purchase that hardware and immediately use it with their ExoSense deployment. This exposes your hardware to companies looking for a full solution, hardware through application.


Contact sales for more information on ways to help OEM Device Publishers as a part of our partnership programs.

Insight Service Provider

Developed a key Insight for the industry? Publish this insight to allow others to use it either in your private business network or publicly.

Authoring a New Exchange Element

Publishing IoT Connectors

OEM Device builders who want to promote their hardware through Exchange and/or allow quick access for their private account can publish their IoT Connector into Exchange. This requires the IoT Connector to have been created using the template with Product as a Service, which adds the additional features required to be used as a service including an advanced data event interface, an optional public HTTP API, a claiming feature for registering devices, and it's own device portal application for users to claim and manage devices.

Learn more about IoT Connectors with Product as a Service

To publish, click the PUBLISH AS A SERVICE button on the IoT Connector manage window.

Publish your IoT Connector with Product as a Service capabilities

This will bring you to the Exchange Element management window to enter your details and add an image. These details will be used in Exchange. When publishing an IoT Connector, the Element Type and Service Variation will automatically be picked.

Enter details for your element

After publishing, this shows up in Exchange for further use with ExoSense or simply as a place to market your hardware's Device API.

Your Product in Exchange \(Private or Public\)

Insight Publishing

Contact support for more information.

For an overview of Insights

Advanced Use

Companies with an Advanced business account have access to the Murano Platform that opens up the ability to create and host custom applications and services. These can be published also using the publishing tool.