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ExoEdge has two primary functions, one is to communicate data to the IoT Platform in the proper data schema. The second is to interface with sources, such as a Modbus RTU source, that properly interacts with the hardware interface / protocol. ExoEdge handles routing this data from the source up to the platform.

Creating a Source

The following sources are currently available for ExoEdge:

Modbus \(TCP/IP and RTU\)

This project is a Modbus source for Exosite’s ExoSense which uses ExoEdge, which supports Modbus RTU and TCP.

pip install exoedge-modbus

ExoEdge Modbus Tutorial

More information can be found at:


This project is a Simulator source for ExoEdge use with ExoSense.

pip install exoedge-simulator

More information can be found at:

File I/O

ExoEdge protocol source that uses a text files as the input and output.

pip install exoedge-fileio

More information can be found at:

Linux Stats

ExoEdge source that reports linux system information such as device's time and datetime, cpu \(%\), memory usage \(%\), and interfaces \(json object\).

More information can be found at:

Additional Sources

Source Note Availability
CANopen Official CANOpen implementation. Contact Support
BACnet Source for both IP and MSTP. Contact Support
J1939 Official j1939 implementation. Contact Support
OPC UA OPC UA implementation Contact Support
Onewire An implementation of linux Onewire protocol. Contact Support
Openscale An implementation of the Openscale protocol. Contact Support
CSV Get data into ExoSense via CSV files. Contact Support
sysinfo Get system info data about a gateway. Contact Support
BLUKII An early version of a Blukii connector. Contact Support
OpenXC Simulator A simulator that uses OpenXC. Pretty cool! Contact Support
Phidgets A source for interfacing with Phidgets! Contact Support
MultiTech Conduit GPIO Get any/all data from a Multitech Conduit GPIO Card Contact Support
Template Meant to provide a copy/paste/modify template for making custom ExoEdge sources. Contact Support
Raspberry Pi Evaluation A repo for creating a raspberry pi-based customer evaluation experience Contact Support
MQTT Subscriber Subscribe to local MQTT brokers. Contact Support