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ExoEdge Modbus Tutorial


ExoEdge installed on Gateway (See Rasberry Pi Tutorial)

Installing ExoEdge Modbus Source

pip install exoedge-modbus


Start ExoEdge

In ExoSense, navigate to the 'devices' page:


If your device running ExoEdge is not claimed: claim it in the "UNUSED DEVICES" tab if you are using a Connector Template, or with "ADD DEVICE" if using EveryCloud.

Once your device is claimed, navigate to it in the "DEVICES" tab and select your device. Then, navigate to the "CHANNELS" tab.

Add a new channel using the '+' button in the upper right corner.


Configure ExoEdge in the devices channel configuration. With the Modbus ExoEdge source installed, both Modbus_TCP and Modbus_RTU protocols are available. Below is an example of a Modbus_TCP channel.

Last update: April 10, 2021