ExoSense® Overview

Exosite's Condition Monitoring Solution Overview

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ExoSense® is an end-to-end solution for remote monitoring applications that need to gather data from sensors, machines, PLCs, legacy controls, etc. It enables OEMs, Distributors, and System Integrators to provide customers with a branded and configurable application to go with connected devices and sensors.

Users are able to view machine and sensor data and insights, build dashboards, receive notifications on state conditions, manage user access, generate reports, and manage their account.

OEMs and System Integrators are able to build and configure the application to look and feel like their own product, create integrations, and manage organization group hierarchy.

Digital Asset Object Focus

ExoSense® focuses around the concept of users interacting with digitalized Assets in the application.

These assets represent real-world systems, machines, and equipment. Data signals, historical data, conditional rules, notifications, and permissions revolve around the concept of an asset. Assets are a collection of signals and those signals can come from various devices. The Digital Asset Objects do not need to be the same as the physical IoT Devices, which provides flexibility when setting up the system.

Data Flow