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Feature Control

Administrators with the Setup - Feature permission enabled are able to enable/disable certain features of the application.

Feature Control

Feature Availability Legend

Feature is available at specific tiers

Canvas 98 Feature requires connected device hardware support or IoT connector support

Feature may have direct or indirect usage costs associated

BETA Feature is available for use but may have known limitations and/or advanced use case information that is needed.

Feature must be enabled by Exosite team, please contact support.

Exosite Labs functionality allows administrators to try out unreleased functionality and UI updates. May change at any time.

Legacy functionality that is being deprecated. Contact support for more information.

Features that can be enabled / disabled include:

Asset Management

Feature Default Availability Description
Asset Grid BETA Enabled BETA Provides a group tabular view of Assets using Asset Types / Metrics.
New Asset Templating Enabled Ability to create and use asset templates, adds Asset Template Management permission for user roles.
Asset Types BETA Enabled BETA Allows specifying Types of assets that share similiar Metrics for fleet visualization
Asset Templating (Legacy) Disabled Deprecated: Legacy templating is no longer available on new ExoSense instances. Please use the new Asset Templating interface.

Asset Configuration

Feature Default Availability Description
Asset Content Enabled Allows use of the Asset Content functionality, allowing devies and users to upload files and view them. Adds permissions for user roles
Asset Timeout Rule Disabled Allow users to use the timeout rule and see timeout status for Assets.
Bulk Change Disabled Allow users to use the bulk change functions.
Custom Inline Transforms BETA Disabled BETA Allow administrators with proper user permission to create custom inline transform insights.
Custom Inline Rules BETA Disabled BETA Allow administrators with proper user permission to create custom inline rule insights.
URL Data Type Disabled Canvas 98 Allow devices to supply URLs as a type of data value, that can be displayed in dashboards as links. Note: Exosite is not responsible for links sent as signal values and displayed for users to click.

Device Management

Feature Default Availability Description
Device Control Disabled Canvas 98 Allows device control functionality and the dashboard panel to be available to users.
Device Software Packages Disabled Canvas 98 Exposes the Device Software Package interface to users for devices
User Device Claiming Support Enabled Canvas 98 Enables the 'Add Device' button for device manager role to claim devices as alternative to administrators assigning unused devices.
Device Config Applications Disabled Canvas 98 BETA Allows advanced configuration options for device channels, allowing users to manage edge-side application parameters. Requires device support.

Solution Management

Feature Default Availability Description
ExoSense Public API Disabled Allows using the ExoSense Public API .
Group Theming Disabled Allows groups to create their own themes on a group by group level.
Solution Publishing Disabled Allows publishing the solution to Exchange as a template.

Data Visualization/Export

Feature Default Availability Description
Dynamic Graphical Panels Enabled Allows users to use the dynamic graphic dashboard panel in their dashboards.
ExoSense Labs BETA Disabled Allow users to work with Exosite's UI/UX Lab, early access user interface updates and features.
Heatmap Panel Disabled Allow users to use the heatmap dashboard panel.
Public Dashboards Disabled Allow users to share dashboards publicaly without a password for protection
Recurring Reports Disabled Allows a user to create and generate recurring reports


Features available in your ExoSense instance are based on the tier, customized contracts, and unreleased/advanced functionality enabled by your Exosite support contact. Contact support for more information.

Last update: September 16, 2021
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