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Feature Control

Administrators with the Setup - Feature permission enabled are able to enable/disable certain features of the application. These features are able to be turned on / off for at least one of the following reasons:

  • Features that require connected device hardware support
  • Features that have a high level of complexity, beyond the the level of support that the admin may want to expose.
  • Features that are in BETA meaning they are available for use but require an understanding that they have known limitations.
  • Features that have direct or indirect usage costs

Features that can be enabled / disabled include:

Feature Description Default State
Device Control BETA Allows device control functionality and the dashboard panel to be available to users. Disabled
URL Data Type

Allow devices to supply URLs as a type of data value, that can be displayed in dashboards as links.

Note: Exosite is not responsible for links sent as signal values and displayed for users to click.

Device Config Applications BETA Allows advanced configuration options for device channels, allowing users to manage edge-side application parameters. Requires device support. Disabled
Asset Content Allows use of the Asset Content feature that includes allowing users with correct permission to upload content for assets such as PDFs. Also allows for devices to upload content and have it associated to the asset. Includes the Asset Content dashboard panel. Disabled
Show Asset Timeout Status Enables showing asset timeout status for asset lists, group views, and map views. The Asset timeout is calculated from Device Channel timeout settings, not Asset signals specifically. Please consider this when determining to enable. Disabled
Dynamic Graphic Panel Enables the use of the Dynamic Graphics Panel which allows users to upload an SVG graphic that supports dynamic updates to values and color elements inside of the SVG. Disabled


Additional features may be listed on your Features tab based on unreleased features being enabled or paid add-on features.

Last update: April 8, 2021