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Application Management & Configuration

ExoSense provides administrators with many ways of configuration and branding the application for your company and use cases.


The branding elements of ExoSense can be configured using the 'Theme' tab.

Configuration Branding Theme Logo Icons



An image that shows up on the top of the left-hand navigation menu and on the log-in screen.

Image File Recommendations

  • Dimensions: 270x108 pixels
  • Type: .jpg, .png
  • Use a transparent background with a light text
  • File size: 100 KB
  • Note: Files that are different dimensions will be distorted

Small Logo

This is used for the browser tab icon (favicon) and also used at the top of the side navigation menu when it is collapsed.

Image File Recommendations

  • Dimensions: 64x64 pixels
  • Type: .jpg, .png
  • Should be a square image
  • File size: 30 KB
  • Note: Files that are different dimensions will be distorted

Application Information

Deployment Name

Used in the browser tab and in places such as emails - essentially the name of your product.

Default Landing Page

Administrators can decide what the default page is when a user logs in. Typically is one of the Browse Views (Group, List, Map), but administrators may choose other options. End users can set their default landing page in their account preferences.

Support URL

This allows you to customize the 'Support Docs' link in the side navigation to use your own support or information site.

Default Language

The default language new users will experience when logging in.

Appearance - Colors

Allows for changing the Brand (header), Supporting, and Accent color for the header and a few other graphical elements in the application.

Theme Colors

Color Description of Use
Brand Color Header bar background, sparing use in parts of the UI tied to branding.
Supporting Color Utility color for selected states and other basic page elements, often the same as brand color.
Accent Color Attention grabbing color for primary button, areas of interest, calls-to-actions, etc.

Dark / Light Mode Theme (BETA)

Allows setting a Light or Dark mode as the default theme.

Navigation Colors

Color Description of Use
Primary Navigation Background Color Main Side Navigation Background Color.
Primary Navigation Selected Color Main Side Navigation Selected Color.
Sub-Navigation Background Color Sub-Navigation Background Color.
Sub-Navigation Selected Color Sub-Navigation Selected Color

Side Navigation Hover Display Name

The default for the Asset Grid / Fleet view on the left hand navigation is Fleet. This can be configured to any other String, such as 'Groups', or 'Assets', or 'Equipment'.

Asset and Device Icons

ExoSense uses icons for assets and devices anywhere there are lists or tables of these items. Knowing that there are very different types of assets being used, administrators can set the default icons used for assets and also for devices.

When creating or editing an asset, a different icon can be selected for each asset.

Update the site default icons

Asset Map Markers

Administrators may choose the style of markers used on Maps for Asset locations. When Name or Icon and Name are used, a setting for how long asset names are trimmed (when they do not fit in the available space) is also an option for assets with uniqueness in naming at the beginning or end.

Map with Name & Icon Marker

Map with Icon Marker

Page Export Options

When the Export Menu feature is enabled, the theme can control which export options are available to users. The export menu is available on dashboards, asset grid view, conditions, and maintenance work orders and typically found 'Export Menu' icon in the current view's header.

See specific pages for export details.

Export Options

Export Method Description
PDF The PDF export option allows exporting the view a single continuous view into a PDF file, which will be downloaded to your computer via your browser. You can choose in PDF mode to use page breaks and adjust the resolution.
Image The Image export options exports the current view as a single continuous image (.jpg). Image quality is adjustable as an option.
Print This will bring up the print dialog for your browser and computer.
CSV The CSV export will generate a single CSV fil based on the data currently in the view. Not available for all types of page views.
JSON The JSON export will generate a file that contains the information in JSON format

Customize T&Cs and Links

Terms & Conditions

ExoSense has default Terms & Conditions which can be found on the Log-in page. These can be modified and are agreed upon when a new user logs into the application.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy URL is provided, once set, will show up on the log-in page.