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ExoSense User Management

Users in ExoSense are managed by their unique email address. Each user has a Role assigned to them that defines their permissions in the application. Users are also invited to one or more groups, which contain assets, group-level dashboards, devices, and sub-groups. A user will have access to each group and all sub-groups.

Inviting Users

The Users page allows inviting new users and checking the roles / group permissions of existing users.

To invite a user, click the button on the Users page, add their email address, choose their permisison role and the group(s) they will have access to in the hierarchy.

Inviting Multiple Users

Multiple users can be invited at one time if they have the same role and group access. Add each of their email addresses to the email form box seperating them with a comma (e.g.,

User Roles

Administrators can created and edit user roles. Roles define functionality rights to a user. The default role for initial users is 'Host Administrator' which provides all functionality including the ability to assign new devices to a group.

Administrators (those with the Setup-Roles function enabled) can create new roles such as 'Installer'.

Role Permissions

Function Description
User Management User can access the Users screen and add, edit, and remove users.
Asset Management User can add, edit, and remove assets.
View Asset Data User can view an asset’s dashboard data and can run reports to export data.
Group Management User can access the Browse screen and add, edit, and remove groups, as well as change an asset’s group assignment.
View Asset User can access the Browse screen with no add, edit, or remove capabilities.
Dashboard Management User can add, edit, or remove dashboards, including their dashboard tabs and configured panels.
Legal User can access and edit the Setup > Legal screen.
Setup - Theme User can access and edit the Setup > Theme screen.
Setup - Roles Setup - Roles: User can access and edit the Setup > Roles screen.
Device Management Users can look at devices in a group, configure the channels.

Creating / Editing User Roles

User Role Management Area

In this example, a new user role called 'Installer Midwest Region' can be created to view asset data and can manage Asset configuration and optionally be assigned to only be accessible at a sub group node and below.

Setup a new user role

Last update: June 14, 2021
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