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Asset Fleet View

Asset Fleet Grid

The Asset Grid view provides a tabular fleet overview of all assets in a group (and subgroups) separated by Asset Type. The columns can be sorted, the default sort uses the asset statuses. Columns are defined within the Asset Type, showing specific metrics that all Assets within a type have. Each metric can be represented with it's current value, an interpreted value, and optionally a gauge or icon - along with status indication.

When Assets have not been assigned an Asset Type, they are separated and use the Asset List view.

Asset Fleet Grid view and Asset Types are available at specific ExoSense application tiers. When not available, the Asset List view is available.

Grid Visualizations

The visualization for each asset metric column in this tabular grid view can be configured using the Asset Types. These values and visualization will update real-time as new asset signal values (associated to the metrics) are received. The Timestamp for the last received Asset signal value is optional to show as a column.

Metric Visualization Options

Example Option Visual
Value and Status
Value with Icon
Interpreted with Icon
Value with gauge

Configuration in the Asset Type

Asset List View

The Asset List view shows a flat list of all Assets at the selected Group and subgroups along with the last reported signal data timestamp and asset status.

Last update: April 18, 2023