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Group Hierarchy Management

Groups provide organization and access control for assets, devices, users, and dashboards.

In the Browse Group View, you are presented with a hierarchy of groups, assets and subgroups, which allow for creating a permission hierarchy that meets organizational needs . It's important to know that users start at the highest level they have access to, they will not be aware there are several levels above them or other groups in the application.

Groups also control access permissions for users. A user can be assigned to one or multiple groups. Each group a user has access to allows them to see everything at that level and below with the proper functionality assigned to their role.


ExoSense grouping functionality is very flexible. Assets are always in a group and that group can be at any depth. Assets can be assigned to another group and groups can be moved under another group. This flexibility provides options for maintaining viewing and access rights to users as a part of companies, sites/locations, groups inside a location, etc.

Group Management

In the Group view, managers with specific role permissions may move and create assets, claim new devices, or move and create subgroups. Each group is limited to 200 subgroups.

Group Management Functionality * Ownership of Assets / Moving Assets * Ownership of Devices / Moving Devices * Adding / Removing Subgroups * User Access to the Group

Group Dashboards

Dashboards can be created at the group level to summarize data from many assets or to show key indicators.

Example Dashboard added to the Group

Creating Group Dashboards

Click on your group in the Browse Group / Group Management view.

Click on the button to create a new dashboard for your group.