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Panel: Array Data Chart

Early Access Functionality

The Array Data chart dashboard panel is currently in an Early Access BETA state. Please contact Exosite's support for more information about getting early access to this new feature set.

The Array Chart panel is used to chart a full array of points sent in as a Signal value. All signal values are timestamped and the majority of data is visualized based on last value or in the case of a line chart, values over time. This panel allows displaying two dimensional data such as Amplitude vs Frequency at a specific time point.

Example of the Array Chart panel

Data Format for Array Signals

The panel supports both signal types ARRAY_POINTS and ARRAY_NUMBERS, where a single value is an array of data.


Array of Points value: [[23, 42],[10,12],[56,98.6]]

Array of Numbers value: [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12]

In the case of an array of numbers, you may specify the 'X' indexes in the panel configuration.

Example: Logarithmic Axis and Rule Display

Example of Array Chart using Thresholds and Logarithmic axis

Example: Plotting Options

Example of Array Chart plot options


Editing in the Array Panel Configuration

Panel and Signal

Configuration Item Description
Panel Title The name the panel will use
Signal Display Name Optional name that will be used for the signal instead of it's name
Plotting How the points will be plotted
  • Area
  • Connect Points as Lines
  • Vertical Columns
  • Scatter
  • Horizontal Steps
X Coordinates for Array Only used for type Array of Numbers. Specifies the X coordinate indexes for points.


The following are available for both X and Y axis.

Configuration Item Description
Axis Title Optional title for the Axis
Axis Type Optional data type for this Axis (Default is custom text)
Axis Units Optional units for the Axis based on selected type.
Axis Precision Optional precision setting for values on this Axis.
Axis Min / Max Allows specifying exact min and/or max for this Axis range. Will automatically range if left blank
Axis Tick Size Allows specifying exact tick size for the axis range. Will automatically choose if left blank
Axis Logarithmic Will apply Logarithmic scale (vs default Linear) to axis


Array Rules, if found on the signal can be visualized on the panel. Each rule may be enabled / disabled. The Array Rules are a set of X indexes and Y ranges, essentially a 'box'. They can be visualized as either their lower Y threshold, upper Y threshold, area, or both upper and lower Y thresholds.

Array Rule Plot Options

Historical Time Boxes

Array 3D History

Time boxes (up to 5) can be enabled/disabled for allowing the view users to look at arrays over time (history) in a 3D view for the specified time period. Depending on report rate and time window selected, all values in a given time period may not be shown.

Configuration Item Description
Historical Enable / disable the historical time boxes option
Historical Time Boxes Allows specifying up to 5 time box windows to present in the panel view
Allow user to select specific time and dates Enable/Disable the time box that allows users to pick a specific time window.
Historical Plot Type How the points will be plotted in the 3D historical view. Options:
  • Area
  • Vertical Columns

Usage Tips

How many signals can be plotted?

This panel allows plotting one array type signals at a time.

Size of 2D Array data sets

This panel should be used for array data of 200 points or less. A full resolution FFT as an example with thousands of points is not supported. (High resolution 2D or other relational may fit into content data with the high resolution line chart content viewer panel ) Please contact Exosite support for more information.

Logarithmic Axis Considerations for 0 and negative numbers

If you are planning to use a Logarithmic axis, values of 0 or negative on that axis and rule threshold indexes that use a value of 0 (example 0 to 20) will not display.