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Panel: Bar Chart


This panel allows users to visualize data over time windows as columns (vertical) or bars (horizontal). Data is aggregated using one of the following calculations: average, minimum, maximum, sum, or a count of times received. Overall time range and time window duration are both customizable. Up to 5 signals can be visualized simultaneously.

The chart loads data when the dashboard loads but does not automatically refresh. A refresh button is provided for the user to refresh the chart.

Bar Chart Showing Vertical Bars for Multiple Signals

Example configuration changes

Configuration options

  • Asset signals to display (max 5)
  • Time Window - the overall time used to aggregate data for each signal
  • Column Duration - the time period size for each column (must be smaller than the Time Window)
  • Axis Range - Options are to auto generate the Y axis or specify a Min and Max.
  • Bar Direction - Vertical (Column) or Horizontal (Bar)
  • Timezone - the timezone used for the time window and column times. Note: Will not change based on the dashboard viewer.
  • Signals
  • Calculation - the function to use to aggregate the data for each column
  • Display Units - auto conversion of units
  • Column Color - Color used by the column / bar