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Panel: Content Pie Chart Viewer

Allows displaying data contained in Asset content files as a pie chart.

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Configuration options

This option must be selected within the Content Viewer panel as Pie Chart Viewer

This panel allows viewing content from one or more assets, which is selected in step 2 of the panel configuration. The general panel configuration options can be applied for filtering / limiting the file types or specific files in the Asset Content.

Supported File Formats / Schema

The pie chart option supports two schema formats, as a CSV file or as a text file with JSON structured key value pairs.

CSV format

Data in a file in csv format can be used in this mode. The column (first row) is used for the pie slice labels. The second row of values are used for the pie slices.

Example CSV file data format


JSON Key Value Pairs format

A file containing JSON formatted data, an object with key/value pairs in it can be used with the pie chart. Each key is the pie slice label and the value is the value used for the slice.

Example file data in required JSON format

{"running_hours": 90, "maintenance": 20, "off": 50}

View options

Option Description
Label Options Show the labels of the pie slices as either a Legend, as a Label, or Off (hover only)
Show Data as Percentage When enabled, will display a the value as a percentage of the combined slice value sum.
Automatically Define Included Slices When enabled, the panel will automatically create slices from the data (CSV column, json keys). When disabled, user provides labels of the slices plus the matching key identifier to find in the CSV or JSON data. Only those slices would be shown. This also allows users to specify slice colors.