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Panel: Content Viewer Panel


This highly configurable dashboard panel can display content associated to an asset. It supports several viewing modes detailed below.

Learn about Asset Content

Configuration options

This panel allows viewing content from one or more assets, which is selected in step 2 of the signal configuration.

Configuring the Content Viewer Panel

Option Description
Viewer Type

Choose the type of data and way to display it. Choose from the following, which are documented above.

  • File List
  • Image
  • Table
  • Text
  • Media
  • Line Chart
  • Column Chart
  • Pie Chart
Content to show
  • Show all content (depends on viewer type for which types will be supported)
  • Show content uploaded in the last defined period (minutes, days, weeks)
  • Chose content to have available (Only these specific content files will be available)
Filter by file extension When enabled, user can choose file extensions to filter what content is available in the panel. Note that the Viewer Type option will also filter by file extension. For example, the Image Viewer will only allow files with image file types.
Allow Downloads When enabled, provides a link for the viewing user to download the file in the dashboard panel. If disabled, no download link is provided and the content is only viewable in the panel.
Load with sidebar If enabled, provides the list of content available as a selectable side bar menu.
Auto Switch when new content is being uploaded When enabled, will automatically update the panel to show the latest content file uploaded that meets the panels file type criteria.
Include URLs Note: File List Viewer Type Only. If enabled, the file list will include any URL links added as content to the Asset.
Include Videos Note: File List Viewer Only. If enabled, will include video links that are added as content to the Asset.

File List Mode

Displays a list of files for downloading / linking - Schematics, manuals, log files, links, etc. Can be filtered by time (last day), type of files, or pick specific content (including links)

The panel in File List view mode


Viewer options for this panel are limited to 10MB files or smaller. Larger files can be downloaded using the File List or the Viewer option if downloads are enabled in the configuration of the panel.

Image Viewer Mode

Displays an image from a filtered or time-based list of image files. Uses may scroll through the list of images. Can be used for images uploaded by users and also if the connected device creates images based on event data it captures (e.g. high resolution event).

Table Viewer Mode

As a Table viewer for any CSV files

Table viewer mode showing a csv file content as a table.

Text Viewer Mode

As a text viewer for text / log type files. Typical uses include viewing log files uploaded by devices and notes from users about the asset. Supports .json, .csv, and .txt files.

Example showing a device uploaded .log file

Media Viewer Mode

As a media viewer for viewing YouTube videos. Can be used for such things as instructional videos and youtube live streams of assets.

To add media content, including youtube videos and streams, upload via Asset Content.