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Panel: Current Value

The Current Value panel shows the current value of a signal along with units and timestamp. The value and graphic update realtime based on new data for the signal.


Panel Options

Configuration Item Description
Signal(s) This panel supports 1 signal, choose on 2nd step
Panel Title The name the panel will use
Display Units Choose either the signals default units or a conversion
Show Rule Status If there is are any rules on this signal, the value will show the status color and an indicator in the upper-right corner
Hide Value During Timeout If the signal is in timeout and this is enabled, it will hide the last value to not display what could be an incorrect current value
Text Size Allows setting the value text size to properly fit based on different value lengths and sizes of the panel.

Current Value Panel IoT Signal Configuration

Timeout Handling

The gauge will show timeout conditions with a configuration option to hide the last value.