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Panel: Custom Control Form

The Custom Control Form panel is used to provide the ability to send a number of parameters to a connected device identity control signal. The form can be customized to offer users the ability to enter values, choose a value in a range, pick from a list, and use on/off switches for multiple elements in the form. These values are sent as an outgoing message to the device as a JSON formatted object.

The Control Form Panel is currently in an Early Access BETA state. Please contact Exosite's support for more information about getting early access to this new feature set.

Example of the Array Chart panel

Control Signals

This panel is dependent on connected device firmware or federation that supports sending bidirectional signals. Specifically, this panel requires the use of a control signal of JSON type.

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Device Control must be enabled by an Administrator under the Setup Features tab for use of this feature.


Configuration of this panel allows for determining the form elements and interaction setup for how the button is interacted with by users.

Editing in the Array Panel Configuration


Configuration Item Description
Panel Title The name the panel will use.
Button Text The name shown on the button.
Show Last Sent Timestamp Shows the last timestamp a message was sent
Delay Between Clicks Allows specifying a delay to limit the time between control messages
Clear / Reset Defaults After Send When enabled, after the button is clicked and the message is written, will reset back to the defaults rather than last
Require Device Acknowledgement Provides the status of the IoT Connector's data_out resource setting. This can not be modified in this panel.
Show debug info Optional, will provide a detailed log to validate with the device control channel and any acknowledgement.

Form Fields

Configuration Item Description
Form ID This is a key used in the output JSON message. This is not visible in the panel.
Form Label A user friendly label that is displayed in the Form panel
Type The value type for this field.
  • Integer
  • Float
  • Boolean
  • String
  • JSON
Input Type The form option for the user to input a value. The Input Type is limited by the Type.
  • Value
  • Range
  • Selection
  • Toggle
  • JSON
Static When enabled, this field is not presented to the user in the panel and is always sent in the output message. Nested JSON is supported.
Default / Range / Selection Allows specifying the default value of the form field input. Leaving a value input type empty will present an empty field.


The preview window shows an example JSON object based on the configured form fields and default values. This is an example of what will be sent to the specific control signal as a JSON string value. This is for reference for what the control signal logic on the device or federation would receive.

Device Acknowledgement

This panel uses the setting for the IoT Connector's data_out resource to determine if the panel will require an acknowledgement from the connected edge device or through a federation connection.

  • If the data_out resource does not require acknowledgement, after the button is clicked on this panel, there is no further feedback. A delay can be added using the configuration to ensure messages are not sent to quickly.
  • If the data_out resource is set to require acknowlegement, the panel will let the user know it is waiting for feedback and prevent further submissions until acknowledgement is received or it times out.

More details for this interaction can be found here: Device Control Guide