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Panel: Data Table

The Data Table panel shows multiple signals from an asset or assets in a tabular format. Configurable columns, allowing last reported as well as average, minimum and maximum across a variety of time frames.

Data to Display

This panel allows choosing either specific signals (max 20) or instead to choose a specific asset which will automatically show all signals of that asset.

Configuration Options

  • Display Asset Name
  • Display Group Name
  • Display Signal Type (default on)
  • Display Signal Timeout Status (default on)
  • Display Signal Status (default on)
  • Display Signal Icon (default on)

Signal Reordering

When specific signals have been chosen, within the Configuration step you may re-order them. This is not available when an entire Asset has been chosen and all signals are automatically on the panel.

Signal Column Options:

  • Last Reported Timestamp (default enabled)
  • Last Value (default enabled)
  • Past Day Avg, Past Day Max, Past Day Min,
  • Past Week Avg, Past Week Max, Past Week Min,
  • Past Month Avg, Past Month Max, Past Month Min,
  • Past Quarter Avg, Past Quarter Max, Past Quarter Min,
  • Past Year Avg, Past Year Max, Past Year Min,
  • Rolling Day Avg, Rolling Day Max, Rolling Day Min,
  • Rolling Week Avg, Rolling Week Max, Rolling Week Min,
  • Rolling Month Avg, Rolling Month Max, Rolling Month Min,
  • Rolling Quarter Avg, Rolling Quarter Max, Rolling Quarter Min,
  • Rolling Year Avg, Rolling Year Max, Rolling Year Min.

Timeout Handling

This panel will show that a signal has timed out if the last reported timestamp is past the signal's timeout property and that 'Signal Timeout Status' option is enabled.