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Panel: Image Overlay

This dashboard panel displays asset data overlaid on an image. Great for displaying signal health and key performance indicators across floor plans, as well as associating sensor readings on images of multi-sensor assets. Configurable position of signals, coupled with their battery and signal strength where appropriate. Capable of displaying up to 50 signals.

What it looks like

The overlay panel is an image based visualization that has the ability to display signal values or asset statuses on top of an image. This provides a user with immediate feedback on the value and state (critical, warning, etc) of the signal.

Examples for typical usage include for a machine image or system diagram with sensor data displayed at the measurement points on the physical asset.

Optional configuration allows for displaying condition states for signals based on associated condition rules. Values and graphic update realtime based on new data for the signal(s).

Example shown when a signal has reached a warning status.

Example when signals have timed out.

Configuration options

  • Asset signals (up to 50) and the Assets to display (Signals and Assets can both be shown at same time)
  • The background image to display.
  • Supports SVG and DXF type files, as well as PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, and JPEG.
  • DXF is the export format from CAD, which is how many floor-plan graphics are generated. Vector format
  • Location of selected signals on the graphic (drag and drop)
  • Size of the signal card elements (Huge, Large, Compact, Tiny).