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Panel: Key Indicator

The Key Indicator panel is used to highlight one or more metrics along with an icon and a value or interpreted text based on the signal value or status. The panel uses value or status matches to determine what information (text, icon, color) to display.

Example showing color match specific icons

Configuration options

  • Asset signals to display (max 5)
  • A name to use (default is the signal name)
  • The type of mapping
  • Interpret - Matches specific values
  • Value Range - Looks for a Range (Numeric signals only)
  • Rules Status - Uses a rule status ties to the signal
  • One or more Mapping conditions based on the type of mapping
  • The text to display for a match or range match or rule status (default is the signal value but can also be custom e.g. a 0 means 'Off')
  • Option to show icons or uploaded images
  • Icon Mode:
  • The icon to show for each match (choose from many available icons)
  • The color of the icon for each match
  • Upload Mode:
  • The image to show for each math
  • Hide last value during timeout

Configuration using Interpret Mode

Configuration using Range mode

Custom Images

This panel by default allows users to select from a number of available icons to show for status information. These icons allow for setting a color based on the value. Additionally users can upload their own images.

The example below shows an example of uploading custom images, in this case for a tank level. Each range match has its own dedicated image. Note that if you want the same image but different colors based on the matching values, the same image must be used but with the different color applied to it before uploading.

Example showing a custom image of a tank level

Configuration Using Custom Images instead of Icons

Timeout Handling

The gauge will show timeout conditions for signals and optionally hide value during timeouts.

Timeout condition, one signal shows the value, the other two are set to hide the value

Last update: August 23, 2023