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Panel: Operating Plot

Early Access Functionality

The Operating Plot dashboard panel is currently in an Early Access BETA state. Please contact Exosite's support for more information about getting early access to this new feature set.


The Operating Plot panel is used to plot lines and points on a chart using sets of data in a array, typically for visualizing current operating states of equipment that use 2D data sets.

This panel allows displaying two dimensional data (i.e. X vs Y) such as Head vs Flow for a pump at a specific time point.

Example of the Operating Plot panel

Sources of Data / Formats

The panel supports providing a Point or Line (connected points) in three ways.

  1. Signals of the type ARRAY_POINTS, where a single value is an array of points, 1 or more.
  2. Metadata fields that contain a string that use the same format as the ARRAY_POINTS signals.
  3. Statically defined string in the panel configuration using the same format.


Array of Points value for a line: [[10,12],[23,42],[56,98.6]]

Array of Points value for a point: [[20.5, 160.3]]


Editing in the Operating Plot Configuration

Panel and Signals

Configuration Item Description
Panel Title The name the panel will use
Signal Display Name Optional name that will be used for the signal instead of it's name
Color Using the color selector you can choose which color will be used for the points / line.
Plotting How the points will be plotted
  • Connect Points as Lines
  • Scatter
Y Axis Defaults to Left Y axis. A Right Y axis can also be set up and used.


The following are available for the X and both Y (right, left) axis.

Configuration Item Description
Axis Title Optional title for this Axis
Axis Type Optional data type for the Axis (Default is custom text)
Axis Units Optional units for this Axis based on selected type.
Axis Precision Optional precision setting for the values on this Axis.
Axis Min / Max Allows specifying exact min and/or max of the Axis range. Will automatically range if left blank
Axis Tick Size Allows specifying exact tick size for the axis range. Will automatically choose if left blank

Line vs Point

If the element has only one point, it will be displayed as a single point on the plot. If the element has multiple points defined, it will be displayed as either a Connected Line or as a Scatter of individual points depending on the 'Plotting' setting.

Rule Thresholds

Array Rules, if found on any signals can be visualized on the panel. Each rule may be enabled / disabled. The Array Rules are a set of X indexes and Y ranges, essentially a 'box'. They can be visualized as either their lower Y threshold, upper Y threshold, area, or both upper and lower Y thresholds.

Operating Plot Thresholds

Static Chart Elements

This panel allows using static data sets, in the form of metadata fields or manually entered data into the panel. These elements behave the same as a signal, using the same format of data. The same plotting options are available including color, name, plotting view, and Y axis.

Static Points and Line Data

The value entered of ((1,1),(10,10),(40,40),(50,50),(80,80)) would draw a straight line on the chart.

Operating Plot Static Data

Metadata for Points and Lines

Metadata must be created in the Asset Configuration.

Operating Plot Metadata Configuration

Operating Plot Metadata Configuration

Usage Tips

How many lines and/or point sources can be plotted?

  • This panel allows plotting multiple Array of Points signals at a time.
  • This panel allows plotting multiple metadata fields containing Array of Points strings.
  • This panel allows plotting multiple static fields containing Array of Points strings.

Size of 2D Array data sets

This panel should be used for array data of 200 points or less.