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Panel: Vertical Fill Gauge


The vertical fill gauge will show the current value of a signal across a spectrum min/max range. Optional configuration allows for displaying threshold information based on a condition rule. Value and graphic update realtime based on new data for the signal.

Configuration options

  • Asset signal to display (max 1)
  • Units of measure - User can choose a different the unit (of the same data type)
  • Enable/disable gauge ticks
  • Show threshold (ok, warning, critical) ranges based on a Threshold rule
  • Specify the minimum and maximum limits for the gauge or a threshold (if available)
  • Hide last value during timeout

Timeout Handling

The gauge will show timeout conditions.

Timeout condition while still showing last value

Timeout condition with the 'Hide Value During Timeout' option enabled.


The panel can show signal threshold rules as lines or bands on the gauge. To use bands instead of lines, only 1 of each lower than critical, lower than warning, greater than warning, and greater than critical threshold can be selected. When a line is used, the label can be set to automatically use the rule parameters or you can customize with your own text.

Gauge using Line Thresholds

Gauge using Band Thresholds

Threshold Configuration