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Connected Devices

Devices are connected equipment, typically a gateway, industrial PC, or embedded products that send data to an IoT Platform, this platform is how data gets into the ExoSense application system.

Each unique device is identified and managed via a specific URL it sends data to over a secure connection.

Device Channel Data

Device send channel data as a part of a packet, some packets will have one or more channel values, some will have other channels - it's entirely up to the device on how often it sends unique channel data. This data typically represents sensor or status readings from a directly connected sensor or one over a fieldbus protocol.

Information about the device interface and schema can be found here ExoSense Device Interface & Schema Overview.

Device channels can individually be mapped to one or many Asset signals, it becomes the signal's source.

Assigning Ownership of Devices

Devices that have been connected to an ExoSense instance must be assigned to a group for ownership purposes. Device channel data can only be used for this group after assignment and may not be used for Asset signals until assignment.

To assign ownership of a device, browse to the "Unclaimed Devices" and select one or more devices to assign. Next, choose the Parent Group to which these devices will be assigned, and click "Assign to Group."