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Transform and Rule Checks

Early Access Functionality

Transform and Rule Checks functionality is currently in an early access BETA state. Please contact Exosite's support for more information about getting early access to this new feature set.


The ExoSense signal data pipeline includes the ability to use Transform and Rule functions, otherwise known as different types of Insight functions. These transform and rules have the ability to use Checks, which can be thought of like gating functionality for the function.

Prechecks happen before the function itself is evaluated. These checks can be used to prevent the function from triggering based on a time window or depending on the state of other signals within the asset.

  • A 'check' evaluates a specific signal value or the value's timestamp that is triggering the function.
  • A function may have one or many checks.
  • The check is outside of the function, the checked signal value is not used in the function itself unless it is one of the function's inputs.
  • All checks for a function must be true for the function to run. If any of the checks fails, the function does not run.

All Insight functions are trigger based, triggering on a new value from an input signal. Checks, including time-based, only run on this triggering event.


Type Signal Types Description
Number Number Checks if the value is within or outside of a specified range.
Boolean Boolean Checks if the value is True (default) or False (invert).
String String, JSON Checks that the triggering signal value contains the specified string.
JSON JSON Advanced Checks the JSON value using JMESPath syntax.
Time All Basic: Checks the signal value’s timestamp is within the specified weekly time window configured.
Advanced: Uses Crontab syntax.