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Insight Functions

ExoSense™ Insights are functions that act on Asset Signals within the data pipeline as Transform, Rules, and Action types. They allow customers to integrate in a flexible way with a wide array of internal and external services to provide analytics, decision, and action capabilities.

A Transform Insight in the Asset Configuration window

Using Exosite-provided, custom, or third-party Insights, users can predict the remaining life of their product, iterate on artificial intelligence models, and much more. This flexibility, coupled with the ability to rapidly distribute outcomes across both fleets and customer bases, makes Insights a powerful tool for users to implement their product expertise—without code.

The Asset builder supports all levels of analytics maturity, from descriptive to predictive to prescriptive. As your analytics sophistication increases, so does ExoSense™—start with simple threshold alerts, create a Remaining Useful Life model for your products, implement that model inside an Insight, and finally, send a stop command to an errant device.

Creating Custom Insights

Build your own Insight functions in ExoSense or host your own external Insight service including in Exosite Murano as a custom application solution, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Products, or any other hosting platform — and retain all IP for your business-critical Insights.