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Maintenance Jobs

Early Access Functionality

Asset Maintenance Job Management functionality is currently in an Early Access BETA state. Please contact Exosite's support for more information about getting early access to this new feature set.


The Maintenance Job functionality allows users to schedule and track work to perform on an asset. This can be used for recurring standard operating maintenance and also for work that needs to be performed as the result of a detected Condition, using the ExoSense data pipeline rule and transform logic.

Maintenance Jobs are associated to a specific Asset.

Maintenance Jobs

  • Each Job is uniquely numbered.
  • Jobs are specific to an Asset.
  • Jobs can be scheduled for a date and a shift and have a priority.
  • Jobs have a description can be written in Markdown text format
  • Steps can be added to a job, which can have an expected time duration and allow for progress tracking.
  • Comments can be added to Jobs.

Job States

The following lifecycle states are supported for a job.

State Description
Open The state when created. Can be assigned, scheduled.
In Progress A user has set the Job as in progress. Steps can be completed.
Closed The job has been closed without completion.
Completed The job has been completed.

Job Priorities

Each Job has a determined priority, which can be used for filtering and sorting.

  • Minor
  • Major
  • Critical
  • Blocker

These priorities have no further definition and is up to the user and organization to determine how to use the levels for their processes


Steps can be added to a job. Each step can specify more details and a duration. As progress is made, each step can be marked as 'In Progress' and 'Completed' to provide an overall progress for the job and history of the completed work.

Job Description

The description and steps for a job support Markdown syntax. This supports headers, lists, and links, such as linking to operating documentation or videos.

There are many sites with guides to Markdown syntax as it is widely used for documentation (including this Exosite documentation).

Here are a few to check out:

Maintenance Views

Maintenance Jobs Badge Settings

The side menu badge for Maintenance by default will show the number of jobs open and active for you. This can be configured as a user preference in the User account Profile Preferences.


This view provides a summary of the active jobs and shift.


A standard list of all maintenance jobs, which can be filtered.


A weekly view showing shifts for all jobs, can be filtered.

My Jobs

A summary for the user of their jobs.

Last update: March 15, 2023