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User Preferences

Defaults and Formats

Each user has options to allow specifying how they interact with the application, these can be found in their My Account Preferences.

Preference Description
Name The name that will be used throughout the application associated to this user
Default Landing page The landing page the user will go to when logging in
Locatin Map layer Default Map view
Languages The user's language (see below)
Timezone Timezone will allow the browser to decide how to display time based information
Date Format Regional date formats for displaying time & date formatted data
Time Format Regional time formats for displaying time & date formatted data
Number Format Regional number format for displaying numeric values. (Applies to numeric signal values)

Stored data timestamps and number formats

All signal data values are stored using a UTC timestamp. Numeric signal values are stored as IEEE Double format. (Data Types) Dashboards and asset overviews will show data using user's timezone, data, time, and number formats in most cases. Reported data allows for options for timezone and format.


The ExoSense application tier defines the availalbility of multiple languages supported

Users may select from the available supported lanauges for each instance.

Supported Languages

Language English Translation
English English
Français French
日本語 Japanese
中文 Traditional Chinese

Not all text is translated in ExoSense as many items are configured or specified by administrators and asset managers, including Asset names, signals, and groups.

Privacy, Data, User T&Cs

ExoSense stores little user information as it is focused on monitoring of Assets such as machines, equipment, and sensors. Asset data is not tied to user information.

Personal Data Requests / GDPR

Users may request their personal identifiable data using this page and the Request Your Data button. An email will be sent with a link to the file with this data. Expect the data to be available within 5 business days.

End-user Close Account

Users within ExoSense may close their account. Their user login will be deleted along with information about the user.

Terms & Conditions

The T&Cs the user agrees to for the specific ExoSense instance can be reviewed here.

Last update: November 3, 2021
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