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Boon Logic Amber Insight

Boon Logic's Amber™ platform is the first scalable, autonomously configuring, real-time unsupervised learning product for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring.

Amber™ is powered by the fastest unsupervised Machine Learning (ML) algorithm in the World, the Boon Nano, which autonomously learns the normal behavior of each individual data source in your environment using minutes of live-stream data. Shortly after deploying Amber™, every connected endpoint will have a model that can identify anomalous activity with extreme precision and near 100% accuracy. Amber™’s high-level insights allow your operators to know exactly when maintenance is needed; reducing downtime and preventative maintenance costs.

Trial Access

This is provided for trial purposes, please contact Exosite for volume pricing

Amber™ Summary

  • Near 100% anomaly detection
  • Smart alerts to notify when maintenance is needed
  • Models customized within minutes of deployment for each specific endpoint
  • Learns normal behavior to identify anomalous activity
  • Powered by breakthrough technology, the Boon Nano

Value Proposition

  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs
  • Increase product quality by identifying malperformance in upstream production
  • Enhance safety of operational working conditions


This element will deploy within your ExoSense application at which time it can be added to an Asset Signal as a transform function.

Last update: April 10, 2021