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Often times when working with ExoEdge or other edge application software, an administrator or developer may need to interact with the edge device remotely. In order to easily, securely, and efficiently access the edge device remotely, we recommend using the Diode CLI, which offers serverless remote access to edge computers. Diode CLI is an alternative to VPN

Diode CLI is an easy to use terminal client application that enables a secure remote connection. This is especially useful when working in IoT, with edge devices which may not be easily accessible. In our case, it can be used to create a secure remote connection to your edge device.

Getting Started

Setting up CLI can be simple, but for more information, check out the Docs.


Installation is easy, just download and install Diode by running the command on your edge device:

curl -Ssf | #!/bin/sh

SSH Server Initialization

We will now start by running an ssh server on the edge IoT device that will be accessed through the diode network. Start the diode server by running the following:

diode publish -public 22:22 

Copy down the Client Address that is displayed after the server starts. This is how you will connect to it.

Connecting to your device

Finally, open a terminal window on another computer to connect to our edge device. Enter the following command , where <user> is the username of your edge device, and <client_address> is the Client Address you coppied down earlier.

ssh -o "ProxyCommand=nc -X 5 -x %h %p" <user>@<client_address>.diode

You should now be connected!