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HMS Ewon Flexy

Direct Connection Integration

Direct Integration Available

Exosite has worked with HMS to provide a direct integration from the Ewon Flexy to Exosite to simplify connectivity and allow for higher device volume scale. Please contact Exosite support to get access to this Flexy application code.

Talk2M Integration Overview

The Ewon Flexy IoT Connector template was created to quickly and easily communicate with Ewon Flexy Gateways using the Ewon Talk2M Cloud.


The users Ewon Flexy is sending data to Ewon's Talk2M service.

Create a new IoT Connector

  • Navigate to the Ewon Flexy Connector Template in the Exosite's IoT Marketplace
  • Choose a name for your new connector
  • Select "Enable Solution"
  • Navigate to the newly created connector under "IoT Connectors"
  • Navigate to the Services panel in the left navigation pane and locate the Talk2mewon service

  • Input the configuration fields for the service
  • Select "Apply" at the bottom of the configuration

Initiate data polling

Once the connector is created and the service is configured, we can start polling data from the Ewon servers.

To initiate the polling an HTTP GET request is utilized on a custom endpoint. In this example we will use cURL

First we will need to identify the correct URL to send the request to.

  • Navigate to the "Endpoints" pane in the left navigate panel.
  • The base URL will be displayed near the top of the window as shown below:
  • Take the base URL and append /start/{interval} where {interval} is a time in ms between polling

In this example, if we wanted to poll every 2min, the full URL would be:

To send the request, we can use the cURL command: curl

This should respond with something similar to: {"id":"121146117","result":"ok","timer_id":"121146117"}

If everything was configured correctly, new devices will appear in the "Devices" pane and have data flowing to them.


  • Each call to syncdata() can retrieve approximately 12000 data points from the Talk2M API, ensure the timer poll is frequent enough to keep pace with data being transmitted to the Ewon Talk2M server.
  • Timer polling is limited to calling syncdata() every 2min
  • If you have historical data in the Talk2M cloud, you may want to start with the fastest allowed interval (2min) and let it run until the data "catches up" to current data.


For support, email