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Custom Applications & Services


Advanced Tier business accounts only

This information details building custom solutions, services, and applications on the Murano platform in addition to off the shelf applications, IoT Connectors, and integrations provided by Exosite and partners. Please contact sales for more information about advanced Exosite business accounts.


The Murano Platform is a micro-services platform that includes scripting logic and application hosting. Full custom applications with user front-ends, integrations, ExoSense Insights, and custom APIs are examples of custom applications hosted on Murano.

Murano is an Event based system. This means the scripting logic execution is always triggered by an incoming event. Events are always emitted by a micro-service configured for the application solution.


Advanced business accounts are required for creating and hosting custom services and applications on the Murano platform.

Please contact support for advanced Murano platform documentation.

Core Services

Custom applications hosted on Murano have access to the core services which includes:

  • Time-Series Database
  • Keystore
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Timer
  • Webservice
  • Websocket
  • Content
  • Device2

The Webservice provides users with custom endpoints to develop an API with custom event logic, useful for creating a custom or translation layer API and hosting custom Application front-ends.

Web Assets

Supports content hosting for front-end browser web applications.

Additional Services

Besides the core services, additional integrations are available as services in the Exchange IoT Marketplace including examples such as Azure Event Hub, Bring your own Relational DB, Slack, Gatekeeper, Dark Sky Weather, Opencage geocorder, and Salesforce.

Users can also create their own services using an OpenAPI Swagger definition.

Advanced Business Access to Additional Micro-services

Create your own Custom Application

The IoT Exchange Marketplace provides Application Templates for Advanced Business accounts.