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Event Hub Service

Interface to communicate with Azure Event Hub



Configuration parameters

Name Type Description
config_params [ object ] Event Hub Configurations
config_params[].id ^[0-9A-Za-z]([-.0-9A-Z_a-z]*[0-9A-Za-z])?$ This defines the id to associate the namespace/event_hub/sas_key/sas_key_name such that it can be used directly from Lua script when sending data to Event Hub.
config_params[].sas_key string The SAS Key with 'send' privilege for the given event_hub.
config_params[].event_hub ^[0-9A-Za-z]([-.0-9A-Z_a-z]*[0-9A-Za-z])?$ This specifies the default Event Hub to which data will be sent.
config_params[].namespace ^[0-9A-Za-z]([-0-9A-Za-z]*[0-9A-Za-z])?$ This specifies the Event Hub namespace the given event_hub belongs to.
config_params[].sas_key_name ^[0-9A-Za-z]([-.0-9A-Z_a-z]*[0-9A-Za-z])?$ The associated SAS Key name for the given sas_key.



Send data to event hub.


parameters - object - Object containing service call parameters.
Name Type Description
id ^[0-9A-Za-z]([-.0-9A-Z_a-z]*[0-9A-Za-z])?$ The corresponding namespace/eventhub/sas_key_name/sas_key for this id will be used for sending data. The given id should be defined in service configuration in advance.
event_hub ^[0-9A-Za-z]([-.0-9A-Z_a-z]*[0-9A-Za-z])?$ This specifies the Event Hub the event data will be sent to. If this is given, the event_hub associated with the id will be ignored.
publisher ^[0-9A-Za-z]([-.0-9A-Z_a-z]*[0-9A-Za-z])?$ This specifies the publisher name when sending data.
event_data string The event data to be sent to Event Hub.


The result of sending data to event hub.

Content: object The response of sending data to event hub.

Name Type Description
body string The body of response
headers object The headers of response
status_code integer The status code of response
Required parameters are not valid or not provided

Content: nil

Timeout sending request to Azure Event Hub service

Content: nil


  id = 1,

Last update: September 24, 2021
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