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SalesForce IoT Service

Integrate with SalesForce's IoT data API


Configuration parameters

Name Type Description
token string(password) Access Token (Your API key for accessing the SalesForce API)
cluster_hostname ^(?=.{1,255}$)[0-9A-Za-z](?:(?:[0-9A-Za-z]|-){0,61}[0-9A-Za-z])?(?:\.[0-9A-Za-z](?:(?:[0-9A-Za-z]|-){0,61}[0-9A-Za-z])?)*\.?$ Hostname (The cluster hostname of your SalesForce endpoint)



Send events to the given stream endpoint


parameters - object - Object containing service call parameters.
Name Type Description
stream string The name of the stream to which you're writing data.
device string The name of the device to which you're writing data.
events [ object ] List of events
events[].* string, boolean, number Values to be written in the key


Events posted

Content: object The contents of a response to a successful post to a SalesForce stream

Name Type Description
Count integer The number of stream events recorded


params = {
  ["stream"] = "stream001",
  ["device"] = "device001",
  ["events"] = {
      ["Time"] = "9/1/20170:30",
      ["Status"] = "On",
      ["TemperatureF"] = "70"
      ["Time"] = "9/1/20160:35",
      ["Status"] = "On",
      ["TemperatureF"] = "75"
} response.message = Salesforceiot.sendEvents(params)

Last update: April 12, 2021
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