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Group Custom Themes


This is an advanced feature that is not available by default. Please contact Exosite for more information.


This feature allows groups to set their own theme and invite users under this group so that their experience is contained to that brand / theme. Users under the group with a theme set will have the application use this theme for their full experience. This includes a unique sign-up and log-in that is sent in the invite email so that the original sign-up process uses the group theme elements.
Typical use cases are for distribution partners and customers that want their own branding elements.

When added to an ExoSense instance, an Admin with Setup Features access can turn on this feature. Each group then chooses whether child groups can also enable their own theme, by default child group themes are turned off.

When enabled for a group, the Group Settings tab will show up under the Group Management page.


The following settings are unique to the Group theme.

Group Alias
Is the unique addition to the URL that users receive in their invite to point them at the correct theme when they register the first time.

Group Specific Sign-up Links

Allow child groups to set their own theme
Enables child groups to set their own theme. Default is turned off.